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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Prim Soaps

I designed and painted these bars of soap with a pear, a saltbox house and a sheep and willow tree.
The soaps are sold individually and will come to you in  plastic bag with a piece of homespun fabric.
Basket and excelsior not included.
These bars of soap are usable as well as decorative. It is painted and sealed very well on top. The artwork will stay even when your soap becomes a sliver of it's original size. Please don't let it soak in water.  Rub the bottom of the soap over your hands to use. The customers that have bought my soaps have used them for decorative purposes only. They said they were too pretty to use =)
Price is $4.00 each  USD + shipping
Choose from
Pear #2120
Saltbox House #2119
Sheep with willow tree #2121

Please email me for the exact shipping costs and then I can invoice you thru paypal.

Shipping is not included and will be the exact cost.
There are no handling fees etc so once I have your address I will calculate your orders shipping costs and email you with them.

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